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Penn Web index/search package test plan

  1. Finalize selection criteria and circulate for review

    • Who: Randall Couch
    • When: 3/27/97 (completed)
    • Where: posted here

  2. Construct a table listing the criteria against candidate products

    • Who: Peggy Yetter
    • When: 4/1/97 (completed)
    • Where: posted here

    • Complete factual table entries (yes/no answers and comparative measures against technical/administrative criteria)

      • Who: Peggy Yetter, Roberto Mansfield, Deke Kassabian (consult contacts at Princeton, Columbia, etc.)
      • When: 4/17/97
      • Where: TBD

    • Assemble a set of test data for comparison of products

      • Who: Peggy Yetter (consulting Roberto Mansfield, Jane Bryan)
      • When: 4/17/97
      • Where: TBD

    • Develop and vet a user test script for qualitative criteria

      • Who: Randall Couch, Edda katz, Jane Bryan (Peggy Yetter, others to review)
      • When: First draft 4/7; Final draft 4/11
      • Where: TBD

    • Select a group of testers

      • Who: Randall Couch
      • When: 4/1 (completed)
      • List: Penn Web Steering Committee, Penn Web Advisory Committee, Penn Web Team, Susan Albertine's Student Views Group, Jonathan Baron, Bob Rescorla, Mark Liberman, Al Filreis, Dennis DeTurck, Joyce Gravina, Jane Bryan and LIbrary Reference staff, Helen Anderson, Roberto Mansfield, Web providers mailing list.

    • Run user test

      • Who: Randall Couch, Edda Katz, Jane Bryan, Peggy Yetter
      • When: 4/18-4/25
      • Where: tester's local workstations (scripts sent and returned via e-mail)

    • Evaluate test results

      • Who: Randall Couch, Edda Katz, Jane Bryan, Peggy Yetter, Noam Arzt, Deke Kassabian, and Mike Guilfoyle
      • When: Meet to interpret results week of 4/28
      • Where: TBD

    • Combine test results with evalution table and prepare a recommendation

      • Who: Randall Couch, Edda Katz, present recommndation to Steering Committee for approval
      • When: First available Steering Committee meeting after week of 4/28
      • Where: TBD

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