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Penn WebLogin two-step verification: Enroll a keychain fob token

  1. Go to: Two-step service page and click Opt in.
  2. Enter your PennKey password.
  3. Configure your profile so you have backup methods for logging in if you don't have your token.

    We recommend supplying your desk phone number (and that of any other phone you're likely to be near) for receiving single-use verification codes, and listing your LSP as one of the friends designated to help if you need to be opted out.

  4. Have the keychain token and its secret value handy.
  5. Click Activate a hardware token in Step 2.
  6. Enter the secret value in the text box, and click Submit secret value. NOTE: the secret value is a 40-character string containing the letters a-f and the digits 0-9 (i.e., no letters "O" or "I" or "L").
  7. On your keychain token, press the button and enter the six-digit code it displays into the browser text box in Step 3. Click Test and continue.
  8. On the next screen, click Generate codes, print them out, and store them in your wallet or other secure location.

Success! You're successfully enrolled in the pilot. Now, when you authenticate to a PennKey Weblogin-protected application, after you provide your PennKey password, on the next screen you'll be prompted to enter the six-digit code generated by your keychain token.

NOTE: please store the secret value for your keychain token somewhere safe (e.g. a locked desk drawer), but not with the token.

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