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The AirPennNet-Guest Network at Penn

AirPennNet-Guest is a wireless network with limited bandwidth and no encryption, which is set up for use by visitors to Penn. Penn affiliates with PennKeys may also use AirPennNet-Guest with devices that are not capable of connecting to AirPennNet. Registration of devices on AirPennNet-Guest lasts for up to one week. Upon successful registration, users will be notified via email when their lease expires and must renew registration in order to continue to use the service.

There are several options available to for visitors to access AirPennNet-Guest:

    Sponsored Guest PennKey:

    Guests who have an official business need for a PennKey but are not Penn affiliates are eligible for Guest PennKeys, which can be used to access AirPennNet and AirPennNet-Guest. Guest PennKeys must be sponsored by a department. For information about sponsoring a Guest PennKey, see the following page:

    Sponsored Hardware (MAC) address:

    Individual computers or devices can be registered for use on AirPennNet-Guest by registering their hardware address, a number unique to every device. The hardware address must be registered by a Penn affiliate. More information and a link to the sponsorship form can be found at:

    Penn Affiliate Assisted Registration:

    A Penn affiliate can directly sponsor a guest's device that connects to AirPennNet-Guest. On the AirPennNet-Guest login portal, a guest should select the "I have a Penn affiliate to help me" link which will go to the "Penn Afilliate Assisted Registration Form." Both the sponsoring affiliate and the guest fill out sections of this form to grant access to the guest's device.

    Guest Access Code Registration:

    A Penn sponsor can create a Guest Access Code that is then emailed to both the guest and the sponsor. Once on campus, the guest can use this access code to register the hardware address of up to 3 devices. Registration is done through the AirPennNet-Guest login page. The Guest Access code can last up to 7 days, and can be created up to 60 days in advance. A sponsoring affiliate can generate a Guest Access Code using this form:

    Group Event and Conference Access:

    If a large number of people need short-term access to AirPennNet-Guest, such as conference attendees, a single "Group Code" can be generated. This code can be used by a group of guests, who can then self-register to access AirPennNet-Guest. If you wish to become a sponsor capable of generating Group Codes, please contact your Local Support Provider, who can facilitate the process for you. Authorized sponsors can generate a Group Code using this form:

Where to Find AirPennNet-Guest

AirPennNet-Guest is located in the same coverage areas where AirPennNet is found, with the exception of the Residence Halls.  To learn more about where AirPennNet-Guest coverage can be found on campus, visit the Coverage Map in the "Additional Information" portion of the left menu.

Obtaining Assistance

Guests should work with their sponsor or sponsoring organization to receive support. Penn Affiliates should see their Local Support Provider.


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