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AirPennNet Frequently Asked Questions: Network Security

To keep the network as secure as possible, AirPennNet requires that you authenticate (verify your identity) in some way before connectivity is granted.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How secure is my wireless connection? Since data is being transmitted through radio waves, can someone nearby intercept my communications?

The casual wireless user does not have the technical knowledge or capability to intercept wireless communications. Additionally, AirPennNet uses WPA2-AES to encrypt data between your wireless device and the AirPennNet wireless access point. The use of protocols such as SSL or SSH encrypt data between client and server.  Their use provides an encrypted connection across both the wireless and wired networks, from your device to your destination server. When you connect to well-run web sites with secure connections (https:// in the web address), you have reasonable assurances that your connection is encrypted with SSL.

However, since wireless connections are more vulnerable to malicious interventions than wired connections, be mindful of sensitive information you could transmit while using a wireless connection. If you visit web sites that require a login name and password or credit card information, be aware that the potential exists for sensitive information to be intercepted.

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Q: What happens if I forget to log out of AirPennNet?

You are automatically logged out when you disconnect from AirPennNet.

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