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How Wireless Works at Penn

Penn's Data Network

PennNet, the University’s high speed IP data network, operated by ISC Networking and Telecommunications (ISC N&T), provides users with network communication connectivity. Computers and other devices are connected by cables to wires behind wall plates that carry data from building networks to Penn's high capacity fiber-based routing core which provides access to applications both on Penn’s campus and outside PennNet via the Internet or Internet2.

Connecting Wirelessly

ISC N&T designs and operates AirPennNet, the campus-wide wireless network. ISC N&T will work with schools, centers, and departments to set up wireless local area networks (LANs) to enable end users to connect to AirPennNet in subscribed areas of campus. Since the campus does not have 100% coverage, ISC N&T accepts requests from Penn organizations to expand wireless coverage in the areas that they want to subscribe to wireless service. These intended coverage areas are fully supported by ISC. AirPennNet wireless LANs are made up of one or many Access Points (APs), devices that connect to PennNet wired network ports and provide radio frequency signals to wireless devices (like your laptop or hand held unit). Each AP used by Penn’s AirPennNet can provide wireless service to approximately 25 users. Each AirPennNet AP is currently configured to provide up to 54 Mbps of shared bandwidth.


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