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AirPennNet Special Interest Group Meeting Notes April 14, 2011

Hi all,

For those of you that attended our first AirPennNet-SIG meeting on Thursday 04/14/2011 -thanks for coming out. We were pleased with the turnout and the interactive discussions. AirPennNet-SIG will meet every 4 to 6 weeks.  The next meeting is scheduled for Monday, June 6 from 12 - 1 PM in the Ben Franklin room in Houston Hall.  We look forward to hearing your input as we form future agendas.

In addition to the meeting, this list,, is available as a forum to discuss wireless topics or socialize specific device questions or experiences.  However, please remember to report ALL specific wireless problems to the ProDesk ( and not to the discussion list. We do need to hear from you about wireless troubles on campus. ProDesk is still the best place to synthesize, track and help resolve issues.

A number of AirPennNet technical issues and their workarounds were discussed at the meeting, including that iOS will not automatically "forget" APN-Help or APN-Guest without user intervention and that some devices are not currently installing SecureW2 correctly, but instead display an error message about an expired license.  Issues like these (and their solutions if possible) are tracked on the Provider Wiki at:

We will be posting a new version of XpressConnect to AirPennNet-Help later this afternoon.  The new version of XpressConnect will address the expired license issue and some other things.  Release notes are as
* Added support for SecureW2 3.5.2
o Syscheck removes existing WLAN profile before installing new profile.
o Installer now reports if it cannot find any wireless adapters.
o The installer is now fully silent, all errors dialogs are suppressed.
o Minor bug fixes.
o Optimized uninstaller.
* Fixed SecureW2 expired license issue.
* Changed Username: prompt to read PennKey: in SecureW2 authentication window.
* Fixed certificate issue with Mac OS 10.6.x on 2011 MacBook Pro models with 10.7 kernel.
* Added support for Android 3.0.
* Added a fallback mechanism to allow an Android user to specify the URL within XpressConnect to handle cases where the device does not properly handle mimetypes.
* On Android tablets, updated the user interface to be consistent with desktop versions.
* Updated the user interface on Android phones.
* On Android, added the device type to the title bar to assist in device recognition.

At the meeting we also discussed instances where Support Providers saw APN lease times mysteriously drop after 10 minutes, specifically at Fels.  Others talked of dropped coverage when there is a heavy load with too many devices trying to connect to one AP.  N&T is currently working with a consulting firm to do wireless surveys in various areas on campus to make sure APs are appropriately placed for high density areas. We can provide further updates at our next meeting on June 6th.

Thanks again for joining AirPennNet-SIG and attending the first meeting (those of you that could make it). We look forward to seeing a lot more of you in the coming months. 

We hope that through this group we can work together to improve Penn's wireless network.

--Mark Wehrle                                       Phone: (215) 898-9664
  Technical Director, ISC N&T Operations            Fax:     (215) 898-9348
  University of Pennsylvania
  3401 Walnut Suite 221a                  
  Phila. PA 19104-6228


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