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Using AirPennNet: Tips and Troubleshooting

Getting a Better Signal

Users who already have their computing devices configured correctly and have been using AirPennNet may still occasionally encounter problems. AirPennNet operates using radio waves, which can sometimes be blocked by building infrastructure or the use of other electronic equipment. To get a better signal, try these tips first.

Reposition your wireless device

  • Physically rotate your device to face different directions.
  • Try moving your device to another part of the room.

Stay away from items that can impede or interfere with wireless signals

  • Microwave ovens, when they are in use
  • Cordless phones and other wireless electronic equipment
  • Large metal objects (refrigerators, mirrors, AC/heating units, etc.)
  • Unauthorized personal wireless access points

Keep in mind that interference, like the wireless signal itself, can come from other rooms, floors, or buildings nearby.

Troubleshooting Checklist

If the tips above don't work, try these troubleshooting suggestions.

  • Confirm that dedicated AirPennNet service is available at your location.
    Visit the clickable coverage map for details.
  • Make sure your wireless is enabled (turned on).
  • Make sure your computer is properly configured for wireless access.
  • If you have access to another wireless device, test to see whether it works in this area.
    If the second device works, the problem may be with your device. Contact your support provider for assistance.
  • Move to another location and try again.
  • Disable (turn off) your wireless for at least ten seconds, and then re-enable it.
  • Release, and then renew, the IP address.

Printable Wallet Card

A downloadable wallet card with troubleshooting tips and information about reporting a problem has been developed for students. (PDF format; Adobe Reader required.)


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