Crafting Written Questions

Professor Peter Holquist, History

Thursday, November 29 | 12:00 pm - 1:15 pm

Graduate Student Workshops

Convener: Matthew Kruer, CTL Graduate Fellow, History

Location: College Hall 214

Summary: Generating question prompts for papers and exams is a common aspect of teaching courses. However, it takes time to learn how to word our questions in order to elicit the most thoughtful, focused, and intellectually rigorous responses from students. Peter Holquist will share his expertise and experience in crafting written questions, identifying some of the main elements of a well-worded question and discussing common pitfalls that lead to problems (for graders and students alike). In addition to leading a discussion, he will provide examples of questions—good and bad—that he has used in the past, and explain their evolution over successive versions of the same course.
All graduate students are welcome. This event grows out of concerns in the History department and so may be most useful to students in related fields.
Counts toward the CTL Teaching Certificate.