Getting a Teaching-Focused Position in Academia

Dr. Chris Murphy, Lecturer, CIS, and Dr. Adam Aviv, Visiting Assistant Professor (Computer Science, Swarthmore)

Monday, March 25 | 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

Graduate Student Workshops

Convener: Peter-Michael Osera, CTL Graduate Fellow, CIS

Location: Levine 307

Summary: The benefit of being at a top-tier research institution is that there
is an abundance of guidance towards building your career as a
researcher and then pursuing research-focused academic positions at
places like Penn. The downside is that there is comparatively less
guidance on how to obtain more teaching-focused academic positions
such as lecturers or faculty at smaller, liberal arts colleges. How
does the teaching academic job hunt differ from the research academic
job hunt? What are employers looking for in these positions? How do
you set yourself up to pursue these sorts of jobs when you graduate?

CIS lecturer Chris Murphy and recent CIS PhD graduate Adam Aviv share
their experiences pursuing teaching-focused positions in academia.
They will cover the breadth of academic positions available to people
that would like to emphasize education in addition to or above
research, how the teaching-focused job hunt is different from the
traditional research-focused job hunt, and what they feel are the key
qualifications for securing such a position.