Reaching Students at Different Levels

Jay Lucci, CTL Graduate Fellow, Classical Studies

Tuesday, October 15 | 4:30 pm - 6:00 pm

Graduate Student Workshops

Location: Graduate Student Center 305

Summary: In theory, university courses are designed and numbered for certain stages of the learning process. In practice, whether in introductory lectures or advanced seminars, students come to class at different points in their educational careers and life experiences. In your course section you may find a freshmen undecided on his or her major, a junior from another school fulfilling an elective, and a senior preparing for a career in the field – even a fellow graduate student sitting in. How do we as instructors make the material we are teaching accessible and relevant to each of our students? In this workshop we will discuss strategies to build on the strengths of a diverse class while addressing the challenges that may arise.
All graduate students are welcome. Counts towards CTL Teaching Certificate. Also counts as a follow-up workshop for participants in TA Training.