Teaching about 'the Other': How to engage students in the study of societies different from theirs

Professor Paul Cobb, Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations

Monday, September 16 | 12:00 pm - 1:30 pm

Graduate Student Workshops

Convener: Irene Sibbing Plantholt, CTL Graduate Fellow, Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations

Location: Williams Hall 847 (NELC Conference Room)

Summary: In this workshop we will focus on how we as TAs and teachers can get students to be interested and even excited about a society that is geographically and chronologically far removed from theirs. How can we most effectively convey why students should care about what happened in the past or what happened in other parts of the world, especially when these students major in other (more contemporary) disciplines? What kind of strategies and assignments can we use to engage students in the Other, especially for those who cannot be immersed in that language and culture? How can we present our fields so that students one the one hand recognize the difference between them and people of past/other cultures (while avoiding Orientalism and exoticization), and on the other hand think about similarities? And ultimately: how can we make a course on the Other relevant to their career and life?

This workshop grows out of concerns in the NELC department and related fields, but everyone is welcome. We provide an open environment in which sharing and discussions between graduate students (and faculty) from different departments are deeply encouraged.

Bring lunch, we will provide dessert!

Counts toward the CTL Teaching Certificate.