Teaching Students to Read Critically

Lindsey Fiorelli, CTL Graduate Fellow, Philosophy

Monday, February 17 | 2:30 pm - 4:00 pm

Graduate Student Workshops

Location: Graduate Student Center 305

Summary: How can we teach our students to be critically engaged with a text during recitation and outside of recitation? To answer this question, this workshop will examine how we engage with texts in our disciplines and what we mean by “critical reading” across disciplines. The workshop will then consider how we can keep students focused on the text in the classroom (via partner work, group work, and big group discussion) and, crucially, get them to read critically outside of the classroom (via in-class activities, writing assignments and canvas/blackboard participation). Finally, we will consider what reading does for students and how it plays a role in reaching our overall classroom goals.
All graduate students are welcome. Counts towards CTL Teaching Certificate.