Critically Reading Primary and Secondary Texts in the Classics Classroom

Professor Joe Farrell, Classics

Wednesday, January 29 | 12:00 pm - 1:30 pm

Graduate Student Workshops

Convener: Jay Lucci, CTL Graduate Fellow, Classics

Location: Classics Lounge, 2nd Floor Claudia Cohen Hall

Summary: This workshop will address the question of how to train students to read critically in a Classical Studies context. We will survey the distinctions between reading primary texts (in their original languages and in translation) and secondary texts (both those which themselves explicate primary sources and those less tied to specific texts), and we will discuss some practical techniques for teaching students to understand and take advantage of these distinctions.

All graduate students are welcome. This event grows out of concerns in the Classics department and so may be most useful to students in related fields.
Counts toward the CTL Teaching Certificate.