Learning with Museum Objects: Making The Penn Museum Part of Your Course

Professor Steve Tinney (Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations; Deputy Director, Penn Museum) and Dr. Anne Tiballi (Curricular Facilitator, Penn Museum)

Tuesday, February 25 | 12:00 pm - 1:20 pm

Graduate Student Workshops

Convener: Irene Sibbing Plantholt, CTL Graduate Fellow, NELC

Location: Williams 844

Summary: The Penn museum is an incredibly rich resource on campus, so why wouldn’t we teachers use it? The integration of its art and artifacts into our courses can contribute to interactive learning, student engagement and critical thinking. In this workshop, Professor Steve Tinney and Dr. Anne Tiballi will discuss not only how we can make use of the collections by organizing a tour or a collections study session, but also how to design an object-based course. Such courses should not be limited to disciplines that are directly related to the museum; in fact, this workshop is intended to think about how museum objects can contribute to courses from any department and school.

All graduate students are welcome. This event grows out of concerns in the NELC department and so may be most useful to students in related fields.
Counts toward the CTL Teaching Certificate.