The Center for Teaching and Learning promotes teaching excellence at the University of Pennsylvania. CTL works to help instructors at Penn excel in their teaching, to enhance the culture of teaching at the university, and, in turn, to increase the quality of education at Penn.

To do so, CTL consults individually with instructors considering diverse teaching challenges or ambitions, and offers a wide array of teaching workshops and discussions. To encourage instructors to reflect on their own teaching, to engage with and gain insights from each other, CTL brings faculty and other instructors together for collegial, often faculty-led, conversations.

Instructors at all levels of experience and expertise — from senior faculty to new teaching assistants, from those acclaimed to those struggling — participate. Instructors from across Penn are welcome at CTL programs and can consult with CTL about their teaching.

Many of CTL’s specific programs are developed with the interests of particular schools in mind. Programs can be designed for your school or program upon request.

For inquiries, information or to register for workshops, please email us at