In-Video Quizzes

These are multiple choice or short answer quizzes that can appear between different video segments and emphasize student self-assesment. The in-video quizzes give students instant feedback on what they have just learned from watching the videos. This feedback may simply indicate whether the answer is right or wrong, but instructors may also include an explanation of the answer in the feedback. In some cases instructors prefer to give feedback in the video itself just after the question is completed. These quick quizzes can help keep students engaged in the course material as they watch the videos. Records of student performance on in-video quizzes are not sent to the gradebook, and most instructors choose to not use them as a formal means of assessment.

In-video quiz questions might ask students to recall material just presented, ask them to reflect on an idea or concept just discussed, ask students to formulate their opinions, ask them to problem-solve, or even ask them to make predictions based on the material. Instructors can decide how many times students will be allowed to attempt each question.