Stand Alone Quizzes

These are multiple choice and short answer assignments that instructors intend students to do outside of class. While Coursera has one category called “Quizzes,” instructors have used this element to create several different types of assignments: quizzes (usually short and fairly low stakes), homework (more difficult problems that students are expected to work on outside of class but still with low stakes), and exams (higher stakes tests that result in student grades).
Instructors design these problems and questions so that they are similar to but not identical to the ones they have seen in the video lectures. Homework, quizzes and exams should be challenging and instructors often design the multiple choice answers in ways that help students learn from mistakes. Instructors also have the option of automating written feedback to students, or they can simply post the answers . Low stakes assignments like homeworks and some quizzes allow students to work on the assignments until they get the right answers and encourage students to discuss the problems they are having in the discussion forums. On the other hand, higher stakes assignments like exams, give students a limited number of tries, a firm deadline by which they must complete the work and give students explicit instructions about collaboration or sharing answers with each other.