Alternative Course Feedback Forms

The end of semester forms that Penn uses for course evaluation focus on numerical ratings and do not always provide faculty with the information they need to improve their courses. As a result, CTL provides several options for faculty who would prefer to have students fill out alternative forms with more open ended questions. First instructors may decide to use the online Course Feedback for Instructors system. Instructors may also choose to use paper forms in class.

Course Feedback for Instructors (CFI)

CFI contains a mix of open ended and likert scale questions but contains a wide range of different questions. This variety allows instructors to pick questions that apply to their classes and get feedback on things that are of most importance to them.

Paper Forms

If you chose to use paper forms, set aside 15 or 20 minutes of class time for students to fill them out and explain to students that you will be using their answers from these forms to improve the class this semester. You should also tell them that they will fill out another set of Penn evaluations at the end of class that will be used for more administrative purposes.

This form contains three very general questions that might provide a good starting place for evaluation (although you may want to adjust those questions or drop some.)

The form begins with two questions to get the students to think about their learning, rather than thinking about “liking” the course. CTL has provided a list of additional course-specific questions that you may choose to add to these or use in place of these. To get focused, useful student feedback, keep the form to 6 or fewer questions. Feel free to drop these questions if you would rather ask others or to combine other questions if that would be useful.

Download the Open-Ended Evaluation Form for Faculty

CTL Open-Ended Evaluation Form for TAs

Download an easily printed and modified version in Microsoft Word of the evaluation form and of the list of questions for TAs as well as a longer list of questions for a wider variety of courses.

Because TAs do so many different jobs at Penn, each TA will need to find appropriate questions for his or her own section.

Download the Open-Ended Evaluation Form for TAs

List of Questions

This page provides a list of questions that you can add to the Open-Ended Evaluation form (available above) to tailor the evaluation to your class and your interests.

Likert Scale Evaluations

If you prefer likert scale questions, you can use list of questions for the Likert Scale.