The University of Pennsylvania Art Collection includes an expansive and diverse collection of paintings, including important examples by 19th and 20th century masters. Thomas Cole’s Last of the Mohicans: Death of Cora illustrates a scene from James Fennimore Cooper’s novel, depicted within Cole’s lush, dramatic landscape. The Medical Class of 1889 commissioned Thomas Eakins to paint The Agnew Clinic in honor of Dr. D. Hayes Agnew, depicting Dr. Agnew performing surgery for students.

N.C. Wyeth’s The Apotheosis of Benjamin Franklin was originally hung in the Franklin Savings Bank of New York City. This work depicts the deification of Franklin, as he is surrounded by Thomas Paine, George Washington, the Marquis de Lafayette Thomas Jefferson, and other historical figures. The collection also includes watercolors by Andrew Wyeth, such as Early Morning.

Individual Works