Campus Art Loan Program

The University of Pennsylvania Art Collection loan program operates under the jurisdiction of the Office of the Curator. The goal of the program is to place artwork in public areas on campus so that the Penn community can appreciate it on a daily basis. The artworks available for loan are limited to those deemed appropriate and in stable condition by the Office of the Curator.

If you are considering borrowing works from the University Art Collection, please keep the following points in mind:

All loan requests are subject to the approval of the Office of the Curator. To request a Campus Art Loan, fill out our Art Loan Request form and submit it via email to Heather Moqtaderi at or via intramural mail to the Office of the Curator, 3401 Market Street, Suite 211, Philadelphia, PA 19104-3355.


The Office of the Curator charges a $55.00 per hour (usually two hrs.) for processing art loan requests, which is billed after the artwork has been approved and installed in the borrower’s department.

The borrower must arrange and pay for the pick-up and secure installation of the artwork. The Office of the Curator will gladly supply the contact information for appropriate art movers and preparators.

If the artwork is unframed, the borrower is responsible for arranging and paying for framing under the guidance of the Office of Curator.

Click here to review images of artworks from the University Art Collection available for loan and exhibition in public spaces.