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List honor societies to which you have been elected, academic honors, awards(academic, extracurricular, community), titles of publications, etc. in high school and/or college.

List your major extracurricular activities and interests, indicating leadership positions when applicable.

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Essays are to be no more than 500 words each. Meeting this limit is part of the essay requirement. Longer essays will not be read.
1) Reflect back over the last several years, and consider the moment you would choose when your thinking processes seemed to be working at their very best. The context could be academic or not, but the outcome of this experience should be a seriously intellectual one.
What kinds of things were you doing then? Why did your thoughts turn out so well? (If it is helpful or illustrative, you might detail the content of the ideas you were having and the reasons for which you think they were valuable, but the point of this essay is for you to convey an experience that portrays the character of your intellect at its most creative, activist, or insightful, and to do it descriptively with precision and elegance, not in a self-congratulatory way.)
2) What is your plan for the formal development of your academic personality at Penn? What are its essential components (why?), and how do they fit together? How does this plan cumulate into a larger whole? From this perspective, what do you have to offer the Benjamin Franklin Scholars Program?
Please acquire a copy of your high school transcript, either paper or electronic. If you order a paper copy, please have it sent to CURF; otherwise, add it to the end of the essays. Please copy your Penn transcript from Penn-In-Touch and paste it into the document. NOTE: We normally do not consider applications with grades of I, NR or GR. If you know that your transcript includes such, please append an explanation.

Please put the essays and available transcripts together in one .pdf or .doc, named YOURPENNKEY.pdf or YOURPENNKEY.doc

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