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Board Information

Executive Board:

  • President – Nicole Xu
  • Vice President – Becky Chalsen
  • Chair of Communication – Emily Slavin
  • Chair of Publicity – Harry Cooperman and Matthew Weaver
  • Faculty Outreach – Rosaline Zhang and Brenda Wang
  • Social Outreach – Janice Hu and Kenny Ginsburg
  • Research Outreach – Bahar Javdan and MD Mangini
  • Freshmen Coordinators – Nishant Junankar and Melissa Naschek

Class Representatives
2014 Michelle Sorkin and Nora Castle
2015 Nikhil Menezes
2016 Halie Craig



With the goal of uniting scholars from different classes and schools across Penn, the Benjamin Franklin Scholars Advisory Board was established to foster a sense of community within BFS.

The board aims to facilitate interaction among scholars by organizing social and educational events such as:

  • “Speed Dating”
  • Spring Research Symposium
  • Spring Concert
  • Faculty Teas
  • Book Discussion Dinners
  • Dining Hall Lunches

Board meetings take place on Fridays.

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BFS Advisory Board

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