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Further Information

We are very pleased that you are assisting one of our students with an individual summer research project. To help us evaluate the projects and allocate our scarce resources, please write briefly about:

  1. The Qualifications or competence of the student to carry out this project.
  2. Your role in supporting the project and the student’s level of independence in conducting the project.
  3. The project itself.
  4. Any other sources of funding you have for the student (please specify)

Our summer stipend is NOT salary; it is intended to cover students’ living expenses, allowing them to pursue independent work. While this is independent work, we still expect supervision, guidance and encouragement from you. Since our budget is very limited, we hope that you and the student will fully explore other sources of support.

All material must be received by 6 April. Please send to

Benjamin Franklin Scholars
3601 Locust Walk, The ARCH
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Or e-mail to

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