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Students in the College of Arts and Sciences who have already arrived at Penn and were not admitted to BFS during the admissions process may apply to the program by May 15th of their freshman year. Students in Engineering, Wharton and Nursing may apply either at the end of their freshman or sophomore year.

The application requires two brief, thoughtful essays, two faculty recommendations, and copies of college and high school transcripts. Please click the link below for the application form.

Application Form

Students are strongly encouraged to take one or two Benjamin Franklin Seminars before applying. Applications to the program are evaluated based on intellectual interest and ability as demonstrated by the essays, coursework, and faculty recommendations. For more information, email or call 215-746-6488.

In addition, you must secure two letters of recommendation to support your application, at least one of which must be from a standing faculty member at Penn (not a lecturer, adjunct professor, emeritus professor, or practice professor). It is your responsibility that both letters be submitted to CURF no later than 4:00 PM on May 15. Information for faculty about this letter of recommendation can be found here.

Candidates may submit applications at any time; they will be read by the Faculty Admissions Committee after May 15th. Students will be notified during the summer.

Students admitted to the program must take at least three BFS seminars before graduation. All courses must be taken for a grade.

Single Degree College students accepted into BFS through this process are required to enroll in the 4 credit Integrated Studies courses (INTG 001 in the Fall, INTG 002 in the Spring) during their sophomore year.

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