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“By providing opportunities to pursue my individual academic interests through research opportunities, specialized courses and seminars, and personalized advising, the BFS program allowed for me to maximize the full scope and breadth of Penn’s academic opportunities while significantly expanding my academic horizons. Building upon Penn’s strengths, BFS offered the best preparation for tackling the multifaceted challenges of a twenty-first century globalized world that I have faced in my career.”

-E. Huang

“The value of a good advisor in college who knows the school intimately and also takes a personal interest in you, your capabilities and your goals cannot be over-stated. Being a Benjamin Franklin Scholar provided me just an advisor. Having that advisor in my corner, helping me assess and choose classes and pushing me to consider when I was taking on too much and when I was not challenging myself enough was invaluable in my ability to maximize my Penn experience.”

-B. Henderson

BFS supercharged my intellectual connection to Penn. My freshman year was transformed by priority access to small classes with some of Penn’s most highly rated professors. As an upperclassman, the BFS experience stoked my interest in research, and provided me with everything I needed to start adding to the body of knowledge as an undergraduate. I owe a debt of gratitude to the advisers at CURF.”

-L. Thomas

BFS provided me with many of the advantages students find at small liberal arts colleges (small class-size seminars, as well as a place to turn for advice and direction) within the cornucopia that the University offers.”

-T. Rosentover

BFS meant two particularly valuable things for me during my Penn undergrad experience:
High quality academic advising — helping me identify courses, research, faculty, and academic options tailored to my interests. The folks in the BFS office listened, supported, suggested, and helped open doors that I sometimes didn’t know existed.
Opportunities to enroll in General Honors (GH) courses [ ed. note: now Benjamin Franklin Seminars ] — some of which were unique chances to study in a seminar setting with world class scholars, or to focus on unconventional subjects or research approaches.”

-M. Ostfield

BFS courses provided challenging in-depth experiences and the chance to really get to know professors and students who shared a common passion for learning. Some of these students are still my closest friends, twenty years later.”

-A. Weinberger

“The BFS program gave me access to some of Penn’s best professors in a seminar setting. I loved the challenge not only from the professors, but also from the other BFS students in these classes. We explored the topics in depths that made these classes some of my most memorable ones at Penn.”

-D. Freedman

“Being a Ben Franklin Scholar was, without exaggeration, the defining feature of my undergraduate education. Without it, I doubt I’d have pursued my PhD in History nor be a professor today. BFS gave me the opportunity to study closely with fantastic professors, to do graduate level research years before my peers, and to have the guidance to get the most out of my years at Penn.”

-S. Block

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