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An Engineering Curriculum and BFS seminars

Those students enrolled in the School of Engineering, who are selected as Benjamin Franklin Scholars upon admission to Penn, engage in a top flight engineering education while taking part in the larger world of the university. They train as the next generation of builders and dreamers in an atmosphere rich in excellences in the liberal arts, business, medicine, law, and nursing. BFS offers engineering students a gateway to all the rest the University of Pennsylvania has to offer.


All BFS students, including those in Engineering, take at least three BFS seminars during their time at Penn (four, for the class of 2014 and earlier). You may have semesters in which you take no BFS courses, and others in which you take more than one. The current record among alums is 15 BFS seminars by graduation; of course, there is no upper limit!

Most students find the Benjamin Franklin Seminars to be among their most interesting and intellectually stimulating experiences at Penn. They are pursued as part of the concentration, as fulfilling the liberal arts component of undergraduate requirements, or as electives. They are small classes, usually fewer than 20 students, are designed to be intensive, and give students and faculty the chance to jointly pursue deeper discoveries through discussion and investigation. Many seminars do not have extensive prerequisites; others require some knowledge going in. We design these courses to foster connections to both your peers and to faculty with similar interests to your own. You can find information on the seminars in several places: this website, the Freshman Seminar booklet, and in the seminar section of the Course Timetable.

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