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As may be apparent, we at CURF have been hard at work creating a new web site to better serve the University of Pennsylvania. We could not have done it without the technical and design help from Dyad Communications and the editorial eye of many individuals around the university. This new site should be able to support CURF as it grows into the next decade.

We are still working on improving content in major areas of the site, so please do not be surprised if large sections change without notice. We are also always on the lookout for content ideas! Please email with any tips, story ideas, pictures, and the like.

If you see errors, encounter technical problems, find broken links, or discover any other issue, please email the . If it is a problem of content, please provide the full URL of the page as well as what the correct text, image, or link should be. If the problem is technical in nature, please describe the problem as fully as possible; please also include as many details about your computer set-up as you are able (such as name and release version of your web browser, type of computer, internet service provider, and anything else you feel may be relevant).

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