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Benjamin Franklin Seminars

Benjamin Franklin Seminars are small courses that explore subjects in depth through discussions of primary literature. As a Benjamin Franklin Scholar, students are required to take at least one Benjamin Franklin seminar (not including BENF 099) for a letter grade each year. Completion of at least 7 BF seminars with a 3.0 average, together with a senior capstone project, results in the awarding of a BFS Certificate at graduation. Most BF seminars will fulfill general requirements; see the current course offerings for details.

Undergraduates do not have to be a member of the Benjamin Franklin Scholars program in order to enroll in a BFS Seminar. Most seminars leave at least one third of the seats open to students not currently in the program. If a course is appealing, students should request a BFS seminar along with their other choices during advance registration.

Some courses do require permission of the instructor; if this is posted, then all students, regardless of their BFS status must obtain permission of the instructor.

Only seminars listed on this web site count as BFS seminars; departmental honors courses, senior seminars, and courses offered solely through the Joseph Wharton Scholars program do not fulfill the Ben Franklin Scholars course requirement.

Other Courses

In the future, CURF is planning on creating a series of workshops and speakers. These will be primarily one-off events focusing on research skills, formulating good research questions, selecting the appropriate methodology, and the like. If there is anything in particular you would be interested in learning about, or if you are a faculty member or lecturer who may be interested in teaching a workshop on a specific subject, please email .

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