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If you are submitting a recommendation for a research grant (see dropdown list), please continue. If you are submitting a recommendation for the Thouron or other fellowship, please go to the appropriate form here.

For research grants, please:

  • Review and comment on the student’s projected budget
  • Discuss the project’s feasibility and the adequacy of the applicant’s preparation to complete it
  • Describe the extent of the student’s contribution in formulating and carrying out the project
  • Advise the student on any applicable Institutional Review Board or related issues
  • If applicable, please indicate what supplies or support might be provided by your lab or budget

Faculty Recommender (first name):

Faculty Recommender (last name):

Faculty Recommender’s Department

Primary School Affiliation:

Faculty Recommender’s email:

Student’s First Name:

Student’s Last Name:

Grant or Program for which student/advisee is applying:

Please upload your letter of recommendation in .pdf format, saved as “STUDENT’S LAST NAME/FIRST NAME“—example: John Smith would be “SMITHJOHN” or Molly Park would be “PARKMOLLY”:

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