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Come learn the basics about postgraduate fellowships—what they are and how you can apply for them. We will discuss the various opportunities that exist, and as the majority of these fund programs in the United Kingdom, we will talk about British universities and graduate life in the UK. We’ll also talk about the daunting process of picking which programs you want to apply for. We will outline the major fellowships (Rhodes, Marshall, Mitchell, Gates, Fulbright) and describe the timeline for application to each; we’ll also discuss other fellowships and some Penn-specific opportunities such as the Thouron Award. Perhaps most importantly, there will be ample time for you to ask us all your questions about any aspect of the fellowship process.

Should you decide to pursue postgraduate fellowships, this info session will be your first stop in the application process. Students are expected to attend a Fellowships 101 session before scheduling individual fellowships consultations at CURF.

Spring 2014 Schedule:

28-Jan 1:30 Fireside
30-Jan 3:00 JMHH G50 [Wharton emphasis]
12-Feb 3:00 Fireside
17-Feb 3:30 Levine 307 [National Engineers Week]
24-Feb 5:00 JMHH F65 [Wharton emphasis]
28-Feb 2:00 Fireside [CURF UAB Research Week]
18-Mar 3:00 Fireside
20-Mar 1:00 Fireside
24-Mar 3:00 Fireside [Engineering emphasis]
25-Mar 4:00 JMHH 340 [Wharton emphasis]
14-Apr 1:00 Fireside
17-Apr 4:30 Fireside

See also the schedule for Fulbright Student information sessions and Personal Statement Writing Workshops.

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