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Learning Outcomes


Applicants learn to:

  • Conceptualize and explore their goals, values and purposes for the long-term and then can better understand their immediate purposes in applying for fellowships.
  • Seek out and use appropriate resources, and as part of that, articulate their fellowship goals and purposes.
  • Define fully specific academic or other projects for which the fellowships can be used.
  • Write, evaluate and revise essays and other written materials.
  • Practice thoroughness, accuracy and timeliness in executing these applications.
  • Be active participants in their own development.
  • Engage with faculty, deans and other referees in a timely manner.
  • Serve as positive ambassadors for Penn and for the US..
  • Respect peer and staff time by meeting deadlines, keeping appointments and completing requirements.

Candidates’ expectations of CURF:

  • The opportunity to discuss their plan with an advisor who will guide critical reflection, goal-oriented activity and thoughtful program selection.
  • Support throughout the application process and during the experience.
  • One courtesy reminder to complete requirements
  • A culture of mutual respect for student and staff time.

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