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Past Recipients


  • Jamie-Lee Josselyn (COL ’05)


  • Sucharita Adluri (GAS): “Transformations in Hinduism: A Case Study from South India”
  • Kathleen Barthmaier (WH ’03): “Binational Business Internship”, Mexico
  • Elise Carpenter (GAS): “Development and Health in Botswana: Clinical transformations caused by the implementation of ARVT
  • Christopher Close (GAS): “Judicial Persecution and Practised Tolerance in Sixteenth Century Kaufbeuren, Germany”
  • Katharine Davis (COL ’03): “Ethnoarchaeology at Tiwanaku”, Bolivia
  • Brian Ehrlich (COL ’03): “Developing an Anti-Poverty Strategy in the Dominican Republic”
  • Alexa Firat (GAS): “Delineating the Parameters of the Syrian Novel within the context of the Arabic Literary Heritage”, Syria
  • Rachel Fleischer (COL ’03): “English Teaching Assistantship”, South Korea
  • Brooke Jones (COL/WH ’03): “The effects of an increase in “legal“collateral on the profitability of microfinance institutions”, Peru
  • Megha Jonnalagadda (COL ’03): English Teaching Assistantship, Turkey
  • Atul Joshi (WH ’03): “Binational Business Internship”, Mexico
  • Vani Krishnamurthy (COL ’01): “South Asian History”, India
  • Eric Lee (COL/EAS ’03): “Molecular Biology”, Austria
  • Jonah Lowenfeld (COL ’03): “High-Rise Council Housing in Britain: An Historical Review for Creative Reuse”, United Kingdom
  • Efthimios Parasidis (LAW ’00): “Social and Legal Implications of Implied Consent and Disclosure”, Greece 2003 – Marjorie Rosenfelt (COL ’03): Teaching Assistantship, France
  • Avshalom Rubin (COL ’03): “Resolution 242 in History”, Israel
  • Paul Zimmerman (GAS ): “Middle Hadramawt Archaeological Survey: changing settlement patterns in ancient Yemen”


  • Christine Bare (COL’02): “Andean Agriculture”, Peru
  • Timothy Dobe (GAS): “Sainthood in Three Religious Traditions”, India
  • Dan Edelstein (GAS): “Study of Mythological Imagination”, France
  • Jesse Fuchs-Simon (COL’02): “Creating a Type I Diabetes Registry”, Ecuador
  • Maribeth Gainard (COL/WH’02): “Organizational Learning in Economic Development”, Mali
  • John Nemec (GAS): “Language, Religion, and Secular Power in Tantric Shaivism”, India
  • Sabah Rahman (COL’02): “Freedom of Women as a Measure of Development”, Bangladesh
  • Krishna Reddy (COL’01): “The Structure-Function Relationship of Neuronal Nicotinic Receptors”, Spain
  • Nicole Vujan (NURS’02): “Role of Community Health Nursing in the Prenatal Experiences of Women”, Mexico


  • Veronica Aplenc (GAS): “Islands of Confinement”, Slovenia
  • Mark Brosseau (GFA): “Dualism in Painting and Iceland”, Iceland
  • Hilary Dick (GAS): “When Migration Is Culture: How Some Mexicans Become Migrants”, Mexico
  • Gregory Flaxman (GAS): “The Detection of Science and the Science of Detection”, France
  • Ian Gelfand (COL’01): “Scanned Probe Studies of Nanostructures”, Germany
  • Stephen Lee (COL’01): “Study of Arabic”, Egypt
  • Matthew McHugh (GrN): “The Family Health Nurse Study”, Denmark
  • Whitney Miller (COL’01): “Kabuki Theater: Timelessness in a Changing Japan”, Japan
  • Andrea Morton (COL’01): “Schroeder’s Influence on Germany’s Role in the European Union”, Germany
  • Rebecca Schrage (COL’01): Teaching English Assistantship in Korea
  • Jae Song (COL’01): “Determining the Mechanism of Development of the Locus Coerulus”, Germany
  • Ashley West (GAS): “The Art of Hans Burgkmair the Elder: Defining and Transmitting Knowledge”, Germany
  • Teresa Wojcik (GrED): “At the Epicenter of Change: Civics Education in Post-Communist Poland”, Poland

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