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Getting Started

As with any complex project, getting started on your research is often the most challenging step. CURF exists to help you take the important first steps toward a successful research project by helping you identify appropriate resources, obtain guidance from a faculty mentor, and launch your project. CURF’s Research pages can help you take these important first steps, and then it’s up to you as a researcher to make the most of your opportunities.

The links to the left under “Getting Started” provide some basics on Reasons for Research, Benefits of Research, When and How to Begin Research, & Coming up with an Idea for Research. The other links under “Research” offer more detailed resources including an ever-evolving Research Directory of Penn faculty seeking undergraduate research assistance, how to schedule and prepare for a CURF Research Consultation, finding a Faculty Mentor, and links to grants, summer programs, internships, and other sources of inspiration and funding.

Exploring these pages can provide you with a better grasp of the opportunities that exist at Penn and how to go about taking advantage of them.

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