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Research Grants

This page lists selected undergraduate research grants administered by CURF and other Penn departments. CURF is developing a comprehensive directory of research funding resources, but other department and center-based grants exist, so students should always inquire in every relevant department.

Where should I start?

A good place to start, for undergraduates in the College, is the College Alumni Society Research Grant. For undergraduates in the other three schools, the best starting grants are the Vagelos Undergraduate Research Grant and the Class of 1971 Robert J. Holtz Endowed Fund for Undergraduate Research.

How do I know if I’m eligible?

Grants vary in their eligibility requirements. All will require that a student have a specific, well-thought out and clearly defined project, and have identified an appropriate Faculty Project Advisor.

All students conducting research funded through CURF must abide by established university research guidelines and practices by reviewing CURF’s Ethics & Compliance page. All CURF-funded student researchers must complete CURF’s Research Experience Checklist and Waiver of Liability. Students conducting research outside the US are required to provide International Travel and Emergency Contact information on the Checklist.

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