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Penn Eureka!

Submission Period: January 22nd – February 7th

The Undergraduate Advisory Board of the Center for Undergraduate Research and Fellowships (CURF UAB) is excited to announce the launch of the first annual Penn Eureka! Research competition. This unique competition seeks to encourage a more creative and ambitious research culture amongst Penn undergraduates by giving students the opportunity to pitch fresh, original ideas for research to faculty members, and potentially work with the faculty to bring these ideas to fruition.

From Jan. 22nd – Feb. 7th, all undergraduate students are welcome to submit original, innovative research proposals. These proposals will be screened and sent out to faculty members possessing relevant research interests. If a student proposal generates faculty interest, the student and faculty member are welcome to design a feasible research plan together and submit an application for a Eureka Grant of up to $1,000 through CURF’s March 7 Spring Funding Deadline.

Please Submit Project Proposals Here

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