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Recent Recipients


  • Christina Economy (COL 2014): “Department of State Internship, Embassy La Paz”
  • Yessenia Gutierrez (COL 2014): “Philadelphia Zoo Animal Care Internship”
  • Monica Purmalek (COL 2014): “2013 Summer Internship at National Research Center for Women and Families”


  • Carthi Mannikarottu (COL 2014): “Morbidity and Utilization in Below-Poverty Line Patients with Comprehensive Health Insurance Scheme”
  • Autumn Patterson (COL 2013): “Internship with the Embassy of the US in Ankara, Turkey”


  • Kathryn McCabe (COL 2012): Communicating Change: A Case Study of School Reform in the Recovery School District of New Orleans
  • Renee McDougall (COL 2012): Investigating the Epidemiologic Characteristics of Nosocomial Pneumonia in a Veterinary Setting


  • Diane Dao (COL 2011): Research Recruitment, HPV, and Cervical Cancer Prevention in Asian American Women
  • Elana Lev (COL 2011): Internship at the Institute for International Relations and Strategy in Paris, France


  • Sarah Brown (COL/WH 2011): Bringing Relief to Rural Alaskan Villages
  • Melissa Gradilla (COL 2011): Giving Birth in Santiago Atitlan:  The Impact of a Newly Established Birth Center on Traditional Views of Labor and Delivery


  • Lindsay Eierman (COL 2010): Internship with Women’s Campaign International in Chile
  • Mary Riddle (COL 2009): 8-week Medical Internship, Cuzco, Peru; 2-week Biological Conservation Work, La Reserva Ecologica, Taricaya, Peru
  • Elena Stein (COL 2010): Internship: Ties To The World


  • Rachel Conrad (COL 2008): Severe Anemia Among Patients Prescribed Zidovudine in Developing Countries: A Case-Control Study in Gaborone, Botswana


  • Giselle Aris (COL 2007): Internship at Bureau of African Affairs, US Dept of State
  • Rachel Han (COL 2008): Internship Philadelphia Health Outcomes Photo-Documentary Project
  • Megan Peppel (COL 2007): Internship at the Foreign Policy Research Institute

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