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Recent Recipients

2013 (Fall)

  • Penny Jennewein (COL 2014): “Student Involvement in On-Campus Unionization Efforts” [Mentor: Walter Licht, HIST]
  • Kelvin Wang (EAS 2016): “Immunofluoresence of Innate Immune Cells in Human Skin” [Mentor: Brian Kim, MED]

2012 (Fall)

  • Heather Bromfield (COL 2013): “Fires in Slums – A Comparison of Three Cities” [Mentor: Dr. Marton Markovits, Political Science]
  • Allison Oakes (COL 2013): “Anxiety, Depression, and Risky Decisions” [Mentor: Dr. Joe Kable, Psychology]

2011 (Fall)

  • Paul Martin (COL 2012): “Competitive Cooperation: Understanding Germany’s Dialogue and Diplomacy with East Asia in the World Expo” [Mentor: Dr. Eric Jarosinski, Germanic Languages and Literature]
  • Andres Rene Munoz Rojas (EAS 2012): “The Role of SHP2 in non-small cell lung cancer and glioblastomas in regulating cell survival in response to treatment with EGFR kinase inhibitors” [Mentor: Dr. Matthew J. Lazzara, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering]

2010 (Fall)

  • Casey McQuade (EAS 2012): Engineering a Bioactive Single-Chain Insulin Analog for Oral Delivery Using a Streamlined mRNA Display Protocol
  • Paul Mitchell (COL 2013): Morphological Correlates of Locotomor Patterns in Living and Fossil Primates
  • Rachel Romeo (COL 2011): Phonological Word Recognition Development in Children with Potential Hearing Impairments

2009 (Fall)

  • Tiffany John-Lewis (COL 2011) “Recognizing a Legacy of Excellence: Archives of William H. Waddell”
  • Steven Plimpton (COL2011) “Paramagnetic Salt Pill Optimization for use in an Adiabatic Demagnetization Refrigerator”

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