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Recent Recipients


  • Donald Antenen (LPS 2015): “The Face(s) of Phaedrus” [Mentor: Ralph Rosen, Classical Studies]
  • Ariella Barel (EAS 2014): “Mitochondrial DNA Damage Prevention” [Mentor: Brett Kaufman, Veterinary Medicine]
  • Camilo Bermudez (EAS 2014): “Quantitiative Methods of EEG Analaysis to Predict Seizure Onset in Pediatric Patients with Epilepsy” [Mentor: Eric Marsh, Medicine]
  • Richard Liu (EAS 2014): “Early Lead Exposure and Neurocognitive Outcomes in 12 Year-Old Children” [Mentor: Jianghong Liu, Nursing]


  • Bhargavi Ammu (COL 2013): “Studying Perceptions of Ayurveda in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh and State Health Policies’ Effects on Integration” [Mentor: Dr. Projit Mukharji, History of Sociology of Science]
  • Parth Kothari (EAS 2013): “Expansion of CD34+ HSCs Using Nanofiber Scaffolds” [Mentor: Dr. Martin Carroll, Medicine]
  • Mi Kwon (EAS 2013): “The role of increased Nampt expression in sirtuin activity in muscle tissue” [Mentor: Dr. Joseph Baur, Medicine]
  • Kun Lee (EAS 2013): “Genetic Basis of Neuroplasticity in Lethargus C. elegans” [Mentor: Dr. David Raizen, Neurology]
  • Amalya Lehmann (COL 2013): “A Serious Look at Rossini’s Musical Wit and Humor” [Mentor: Dr. Jeffrey Kallberg, Music]
  • Amy Wu (EAS; WH 2014): “Assembly and Characterization of Thin Film Overcoated CdSe Photoanodes” [Mentor: Dr. Christopher Murray, MSE and Chemistry]


  • Meghan Hussey (COL 2012): Criminals or Political Prisoners? The Management of the 1980-81 Hunger Strikes in Northern Ireland by the Governments of the United Kingdom & Ireland
  • Andres Munoz Rojas (EAS 2012): The role of SHP2 in the EGFR/ERK network in cells with differential expression of EGFR-activating mutations
  • Rachel Schonwetter (COL 2012): Samuel S. Mayerberg: The Twisted Religious Road Toward Social Justice
  • Rumen Stamatov (EAS 2012): Investigating the Spatio-temporal Dynamics of Aurora B Kinase Activation during Cell Division
  • Catherine Wang (EAS 2012): Assessing the reliable detection of mtDNA damage resulting from chemotherapeutic and anti-retroviral drug treatment using 2D-IMAGE
  • Sarabeth Zielonka (COL 2012): The Sinyavsky-Daniel Trial and the Origins of Soviet Legalism


  • Spencer Glantz (EAS 2011A): The Characterization of MLL5 in Leukemogenesis
  • Mfon Umoh (EAS 2011A): Device to Measure Thumb Force during Abduction
  • Jue Pu (EAS; WH 2011C): Mechanical properties of micro scaled metals fabricated through focused-ion beam method
  • Dorsey Standish (EAS 2012A): VerroTouch: High-Frequency Acceleration Feedback for Telerobotic Surgery


  • Dingyun Chan (EAS 2010): Mapping Health Care Service Needs of a National Sample of Cancer Survivors
  • Spencer Glantz (EAS 2011): Investigation of Bexarotene’s Effect on CCAAT/Enhancer Binding Protein Epsilon Gene Expression in Acute Myelogenic Leukemic Cell Lines
  • Andrew Rogers (WH 2010): Evalutating the Effectiveness of a Preventative Hypertension Program Administered by a Free, Student-Coordinated Health Clinic from an Outcomes Economic Perspective


  • Laura Heckman (COL 2009): The inhibition of L1 retrotransposon expression by DNA methylation
  • Mary Kreamer (COL 2009): Ethnicity Created
  • Lauren Mancuso (COL 2009): Educating the Wandering Mind: A Cognitive Analysis of Text Comprehension During Reading
  • Joseph Wong (EAS 2010): Microfabrication of microfluidic chambers to study cytoskeletal structure during yeast cell mating
  • Amber Woodward (COL 2008): Li Yang and his Crazy English


  • Clara Choo (COL 2008): The Operation and Function of DSCR1
  • Deptee Jain (COL 2009): The role of iMap1 in fission yeast microtubule organization and cell pattern formation


  • Sujit Datta: Electrostatic Force Microscopy Characterization of Carbon Nanotubes and Nanotube-Derived Structures
  • Amber Woodward: Li Yang and His Crazy English

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