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Recent Recipients


Eric Augenbraun C’10
W.E.B. DuBois College House
Tuskegee in Philadelphia: The Ideological and Institutional Foundations of Leon Sullivan’s Opportunities Industrialization Centers

Abraham Chen C’10
Riepe College House
Small Medium Enterprises in Development: Chinese Entrepreneurs in Africa and the Zambian

Fonda Chen C’10
Harrison College House
Solidarity within the School System: Improving Behavioral Policies and Their Enforcement in the Philadelphia School District

Daniella Mak C’10
Harnwell College House
Reconstructing Home and Identity: Refugees, Asylum Workers, and Migrant Workers in Angola

Enmanuel Martinez C’11
Fisher Hassenfeld College House
Color(in)g Cuba: An Interdisciplinary Investigation of Communist Cuba’s Effectiveness in Eliminating Racist Inequality

Katie McCabe C’12
Hill College House
Begin with the Children: The Effects of Child-Trafficking in Allahabad, India

Anna Mesina C’10
Ware College House
The Status of Immunization among the People of Santiago-Atitlan

Corey Metzman W’12 / C’12
Kings Court English College House
Dorm-Room Diplomacy: Establishing an Online Framework for American-Arab Dialogue between Students

Clara Ng C’10 / W’10
Rodin College House
Opportunity amid Struggle: Development of the Fourth Sector as a Response to Diabetes in West Africa

Shanti Singh C’11
Gregory College House
Women, Tradition and Microfinance in the Developing World

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