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Recent Recipients


  • Panarat Anamwathana (COL 2014): “The Gendered Nature of Quaker Charity” [Mentor: Margo Todd, History]
  • Alice Conant (COL 2013): “Energize the Chain Assessment” [Mentor: Harvey Rubin, Medicine]
  • Courtney Gans (COL 2014): “Trends in the 16th Century British and French Slave Trades” [Mentor: Antonio Feros, History]
  • Mansara Hassan (NUR 2014): “Choosing your Care: An Evaluation of Maternal Care in Sierra Leone and the Factors that Influence a mother’s Choice” [Mentor: Barbra Mann Wall, Nursing]
  • Elizabeth Hyde (COL 2014): “Evaluation of the French Approach to School Lunch” [Mentor: Paul Rozin, Psychology]
  • Hyun-Soo Lim (COL 2014): “Being “Others”: State Policies and North Korean Migrant Youths and Families in South Korea” [Mentor: Jaesok Kim, Anthropology]
  • Brian Mund (COL 2013): “Strategic Tradeoffs: Azerbaijan’s Foreign Policy Relationships With Russia and Israel” [Mentor: Alex Weisiger, Political Science]
  • Steven Perez (COL 2014): “Once and For All: a study of the Nationalists’ concentration camps during the Spanish Civil War” [Mentor: Jonathan Steinberg, History]
  • Daneel Schaechter (COL 2014): “Levels of Jewish Observance in Ecuador: Support or Opposition of President Correa’s 21st Century Socialism” [Mentor: Ann Farnsworth-Alvear, History]


  • Humna Bhojani (COL 2013): “Depictions of the Other” [Mentor: Dr. Ian Lustick, Political Science]
  • Ryan Carty (COL 2013): “The Hospital Fann’s Development through Colonialism and Independence” [Mentor: Dr. Cheikh Anta Babou, African Studies]
  • Veronica Casellas (COL 2013): “The Political and Social Rhetoric of Women’s Organizations during the Spanish Second Republic and the Civil War” [Mentor: Dr. Antonio Feros, History]
  • Jacob Chefitz (COL 2013): “Zionism and the 1924 Anglo-American Convention on Palestine” [Mentor: Dr. Jonathan Steinberg, History]
  • Mike Chen (COL; WH 2013): “On the Margin: Migrant Workers in a Shenzhen Paint Factory” [Mentor: Dr. Jaesok Kim, Anthropology]
  • Arielle Herzberg (COL 2013): “Combating Anti-Semitism Through Science: Examination Works of Austrian-Jewish Doctor Ignaz Zollschan (1877-1948)” [Mentor: Dr. David Ruderman, History]
  • Daniel Weinblatt (COL 2013): ““This Joyfull Union”: The Government of England and Scotland under James VI” [Mentor: Dr. Margo Todd, History]


  • Tali Arbit (COL 2012): BIblical Scenes in Hebrew Illuminated Manuscripts
  • Michael Drake (COL 2012): The Argentinean Black Howler Monkey Survey
  • Kelsi Schoenrock (COL 2012): Cortisol Levels in Adult Monogamous Male Owl Monkeys


  • Kanwar Kabir Singh Bedi (COL; WH 2011A): Impact of Micro-Credit in Chochomba, Bolivia
  • Anthony Cordaro (COL 2011A): Space, Place, and Movement: An ethnography of an Indian highway
  • Jonathan de Jong (COL 2011A): From Also-Rans to Bargaining Equals? The Benelux and Early European Integration
  • Laura Goergen (NUR 2011A): Evaluating the Academic and Professional Impact of UK-US Baccalaureate Nursing Education Exchange
  • Stephanie Winer (COL 2011A): Sudanese Refugees in Israel
  • Elaine Yang (COL 2011A): Risks for Cardiovascular Disease and their Influence among Women of the Indigenous Toba


  • Anna Aagenes (COL 2010), “Mayan Women in Santiago Atítlan: An Investigation into Gender Roles and Resistance against Domestic Violence”
  • Alexandra Leavy (COL 2010), “The Arab-Israeli Conflict: The Role of Educational and Media Systems in Palestinian Politics”
  • Katherine Wu (EAS 2010), “Volunteering and Studying Patient Perceived Barriers to Health in Unite For Sight Outreach Regions in Accra, Ghana”

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