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Recent Recipients


  • John Di Camillo: Il Terrorismo in Italia nel 1978: La Vicenda Moro
  • Michael D. Grosack: Revisiting the Iron Cage: New Insights in Institutions Theory from Max Weber’s The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism
  • Sarah Bertozzi: Vicious Geography: The Spatial Organization of Prostitution in Twentieth Centry Philadelphia
  • Max Fraser: Blue-Collar Patriots: The New York Hard Hat Riots and the Remaking of Class in America
  • Lindsay Owens: The Effects of Physician Trust on Preferences for and Beliefs about Genetic Testing
  • Lauren Tang: Neural Adaptation of the Hair Cell Afferent Synapse
  • Amelia Duffy Tumasz: Credit and Co-wives: Exploring Empowerment in Senegal
  • Thomas Lay: “Account Mee Man”: Economic Incarnation and Commonwealth in Paradise Lost
  • Melissa Miller


  • Noah Pink – Foreign Perceptions of Joola Resistance in the Casamance: Over Three Centuries of Misinterpretation and Misunderstanding
  • Albert Lang – Catalytic mechanism of phytochelatin synthase, a cysteine protease-like transpeptide
  • Samantha S. Goldman – Self Discipline Predicts Academic Performance in Low-Achieving Adolescents
  • Rachel Rouhana – Yes, Madam! The Exploitation of Female Migrant Domestic Workers in Lebanon
  • Jessica Fain – Tides of Resistance and Resiliance: Changes in Cuban Art in the Periodo Especial
  • Zachary James Silver – The Excommunication of Mordecai Kaplan: How an Act of Intolerance Paved the Way Towards Cultural Pluralism in Post-war America
  • Samuel Kahn – Kant, Negative Freedom, and Contingent Evil
  • War and Identity: Stalin, Khmelnytsky, and Russo-Ukrainian Relations
  • Penina Bernstein – Creating a World of Trust (photographs)
  • Willa Rohrer – Stinging Red, Smarting Pink: The Ethics of Representation in Nabokov’s Lolita


  • Sean Cusack, Joyce Tam and Eiji Takizawa (Chemical Engineering)
  • Andria Bibiloni (Fine Arts)
  • Emily Blumenthal (History)
  • Jennifer Burgess (Spanish)
  • Natalia Adler (French)
  • Lynn Huang (English)
  • Terri Ginsberg (History)
  • Alastair Green (African Studies)
  • Justin Hulbert (Psychology)
  • Philip Labo (Biology)
  • Kate Lehman (PPE)
  • Erica Miao (English)

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