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Recent Recipients

2013 (Fall)

  • Daniel Cabrera (EAS 2014): “Engineering the Epigenome: Controlling Transcription” [Mentor: Brian Chow, Bioengineering]
  • Danielle Fields (EAS 2015): “Optimization of Site-Specific Methylation” [Mentor: Brian Chow, Bioengineering]
  • Brad Kaptur (EAS 2016): “Engineering Improved Targeted Methylases Using CRISPR-Cas” [Mentor: Brian Chow, Bioengineering]
  • Aricia Shen (EAS 2015): “Determining the Effects of Overuse on Ankle Joint Cartilage Biomechanics and Bone Morphology” [Mentor: Louis Soslowsky, Bioengineering]
  • Rameen Vafa (EAS 2015): “The Role of Scapular Dyskinesis in Rotator Cuff and Biceps Tendon Pathology in a Rat Model” [Mentor: Louis Soslowsky, Bioengineering]

2013 (Spring)

  • Zachary Burchill (COL 2014): “Vamp Till Ready: Investigating the Chunking Problem Through Variably-sized Vamps” [Mentor: Rolf Noyer, Linguistics]
  • Amanda Chin (COL 2015): “Factor H 19-20 & Complement in aHUS/AMD” [Mentor: Wenchao Song, Medicine]
  • Kelsey Ige (COL 2014): “The role of Glucagon-like-peptide-1 receptors in the VTA in cocaine taking and seeking in rats” [Mentor: Heath Schmidt, Medicine]
  • Timothy Kim (COL; EAS 2015): “The effects of learning on human perceptual decision making” [Mentor: Joshua Gold, Medicine]
  • Robin Lo (COL 2014): “Mechanism for the Attenuation of LPS-induced Inflammation in the Absence of the Receptor for Advanced Glycation End Products” [Mentor: Nilam Mangalmurti, Medicine]
  • Anne Takacs (COL 2014): “The Role of Angiotensin in Anxiety in Male Rats” [Mentor: Loretta Flanagan-Cato, Psychology]
  • Eric Jia Yi Xu (COL 2015): “Autoinhibition in the Endophilin Membrane Protein” [Mentor: Tobias Baumgart, Chemistry]
  • Michael Yu (EAS 2014): “Stent-induced Flow Perturbations and Their Application to In-Stent Thrombosis” [Mentor: Peter Davies, Medicine]
  • Emily Zhang (EAS; WH 2016): “Effect of dynamic loading on MSC-ladern cadherin conjutated hydrogels” [Mentor: Jason Burdick,

2012 (Fall)

  • Lisa Chang (COL 2013): “Rejecting Keynesianism: The Divergence of British and French Neoliberal Economic Policies (1979-1992)” [Mentor: Dr. Frank Plantan, International Relations]
  • Alexandra Cooper-Ponte (COL 2013): “Sikh Nationalism: Diaspora and Homeland” [Mentor: Dr. Brendan O’Leary, Political Science]
  • Richard Liu (SEAS 2014): “The Psychophysiological Testing of Chinese Schoolchildren: Establishing a Baseline and Indications on Early Risk Factors” [Mentor: Dr. Jianghong Liu, Nursing]
  • Tyler Moeller (SEAS 2014): “Engineering Functional Protein/Polymer Membranes” [Mentor: Dr. Daniel Hammer, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering]

2012 (Spring)

  • Jacob Blumenfeld-Gantz (COL; WH 2012): “The British and the Druze: An Unlikely Alliance” [Mentor: Dr. Eve Troutt Powell, History]
  • William Gilbert (COL 2013): “Re-Touching a 1,200 Year Old Paint Job: Restoring Color to an Ancient Maya City” [Mentor: Dr. Robert Sharer, Anthropology]
  • Laurel Ma (COL 2013): “National Identity Construction in the Zimbabwean Crisis: Alternative Histories to The Third Chimurenga” [Mentor: Dr. Lee Cassanelli, History/African Studies]
  • Courtney Ng (COL 2013): “The Impact of Women’s Status on Health-Seeking Behaviors” [Mentor: Dr. Frances Barg, Medicine]
  • Paula Notis (COL 2013): “Organic Chemistry and Methods in Synthesis of Helical Mimics” [Mentor: Dr. David Chenoweth, Chemistry]
  • Rami Sherif (COL 2014): “Functionalized Bone-Tissue Scaffold to Promote Angiogenesis” [Mentor: Dr. Hyun-Duck Nah, Medicine]
  • Zachary Tabor (COL 2014): “A Comparison of Muslim and Evangelical Christian Religious Education in America” [Mentor: Dr. Jamal Elias, Religious Studies]
  • Cecelela Tomi (COL 2013): “Becoming African-American: The Experiences of African Immigrant and Refugee Youth” [Mentor: Dr. Melissa Wilde, Sociology]
  • Anthony Zarate (COL 2013): “Student-Led Culture and the Effects on Urban Schools” [Mentor: Dr. John Fantuzzo, Education]

2011 (Fall)

  • Michael Borochin (EAS 2013): “Geometric Control of Tissue Formation” [Mentor: Dr. Christopher Chen, Bioengineering]
  • Lauren Johnson (NUR 2013): “The History and Impact of Medicalized Birth in Sub-saharan Africa During the Colonial Era” [Mentor: Dr. Barbra Wall, History of Nursing]
  • Jun Beom Pyo (EAS 2012): “Synthesis, Characterization, and Electrochemical property of LiFePO4 Cathodes for Lithium-ion Batteries.” [Mentor: Dr. Christopher Murray, Materials Science and Engineering, Chemistry]
  • Amy Wu (EAS; WH 2014): “Synthesis and Characterization of Overcoated Cadmium Selenide Nanocrystals” [Mentor: Dr. Christopher Murray, Materials Science and Engineering and Chemistry]

2010 (Fall)

  • Kym Cole (COL 2011): Understanding Duch and His Impact
  • Barbra Dickerman (NUR 2012): Changing rates of overweight and obesity in children and associated factors in Jintan, China
  • William Etter (EAS 2011): Advanced Multiple Aerial Vehicle Leader-Follower Control
  • Jooyeon Hahm (COL 2013): The Father, The Son, and the Grandson: North Korea’s Three-generation Hereditary Succession in Question
  • Dominique Ingato (EAS 2012): Electrolysis of HBr Using a Bromide-Ion Conductor and Ceramic Electrodes
  • Masha Jones (COL 2011): Lessons on the Design and Implementation of a Patient Navigator Program
  • Parth Kothari (EAS 2013): Selection and analysis of ribosome binding sites on short leader mRNA in E. coli and human translation systems
  • Tarub Mabud (COL; WH 2013): Bed Bugs: Modeling the Infestation and Insecticide Resistance Patterns of Cimex lectularius in West Philadelphia
  • Paul Martin (EAS 2011): Advanced Multiple Aerial Vehicle Leader-Follower Control

2010 (Spring)

  • Aaron Ross (COL 2011A): Method and Memory: The TRC Confronts the Soweto Uprising
  • William Schenk (COL 2011A): Voices from Kolkata: Health in the Slums

2009 (Fall)

  • Alejandro Adler Braun (COL/WH 2010) “Happiness and Resilience in Philadelphia’s Mexican Immigrant Population”
  • Heather Barness-Blakeman (COL 2010) “Separating Possession from Ownership: Asymmetries in Lay Intuitions about Property”
  • Emma Buckhout (COL 2010) “Universities as Sites of Citizenship in Colombia”
  • Jana Hirsch (COL 2010) “Shared Geographic Spaces: Investigating the individual food environments of neighbors”
  • Kathryn Karas (COL 2010) “Universities as Sites of Citizenship/Neoliberalism and Agriculture: The Case of Colombia, 1985-1995”
  • Sonia Kartha (COL 2012) “Tissue Engineering of White Matter Constructs Via Myelination of Stretch Grown Axons”
  • Bianca Lauria (COL 2010) “Globalization and Contemporary Mapping Techniques”
  • Sheyla Medina (COL 2010) “Perceptions of Traditional and Western Medicine: Case Study of Medical Professionals at Indian * Health Service Hospital”
  • Kristen Townsend (NUR 2011) “Environmental Interventions for Childhood Asthma: Inner-city Parents’ Preferences for Management”
  • Rohini Venkatraman (COL 2010) “Listeners use prior experience as speakers when interpreting auditory and visual cues”
  • Brandi Waters (COL 2010) “Beauty is Not Only Skin Deep: Examining Afro-Colombian Women’s Place in Online Discourse About Race, Gender, and National Belonging in Colombia”
  • Amber Weekes (COL 2010) “An Analysis of Human Remains from Tomb A91, Bab edh-Dhra’”


  • Pablo Barrera (COL 2011) & Sol Jung(COL 2011) “Cultural Heritage and National Identity in Higher Institutions: A Case Study of the Kahoi-dong Bukchon Area”
  • Pallavi Biswas (COL 2009) & Jenny Hong (COL 2009) “Greening Roofs: Cross Sections”
  • Yael Bortnick (COL 2009) “Seward’s Melting Ice Box: Alaskans’ decisions to support climate change adaptation and mitigation policies”
  • Thomas Dreisbach (COL 2009) “The Capital of the “Other Germany”: July 20, 1944, as Remembered in Berlin”
  • Elizabeth Frasco (COL 2009) “Non-Traditional Methods for Non-Traditional Art: Conserving Contemporary Art and Sculpture”
  • Jana Hirsch (COL 2010) “Urban Agriculture and Community Gardens: Heavy Metals in the Urban Tree Connection’s (UTC) Gardens”
  • Cameron Hu (COL 2009) “Fever Dreams of the Modern: Urban Products and Spatial Politics on the Arabian Gulf”
  • Danielle Johnson (COL 2010) & Alycia Davis (COL 2009) “Performance Anxiety, Attention and Concentration”
  • Matthew Kolasa (COL 2009) “NAGPRA and Cultural Property”
  • Ani Momjian (COL 2009) & Keri Wong (COL 2010) “Diurnal Variation in Attention and Processing Speed in Healthy Young Adults”
  • Calypso Montouchet (COL 2009) “Space Beyond Space: The Mirror in Modern Visuality”
  • Rebecca Starr (COL 2009) “A Need to Write: The Evolution of Personal Narrative from Private to Blogosphere”
  • Kristin Szuhany (COL 2009) “Coming through in the Clutch: Validation of a Measure of Clutch Hitting in Major League Baseball”
  • Matthew Torre (COL 2010) “Activation of the Medial Amygdala in C57BL165 and BALB1cJ Mice and Following Social Interaction”
  • Elizabeth Traxler (COL 2010) “The Role of NHERF-1 in the Regulation of Platelet signaling Pathways in Thrombosis and Thrombus Formation”
  • Aro Velmet (COL 2010) “History Textbooks and Curricula in Post-Soviet Estonia”
  • Steven Wang (COL 2010) “Role of Sox2 in Satellite Cell Activation and Myofiber Regeneration”


  • Brandon Chen (EAS 2008) “Mind Wandering”
  • Sujit Datta (COL 2008) “Complex Particle Dynamics and Nanomachining”
  • Lauren Rosenberg (COL 2008) “Individual Differences in Visual and Verbal Intelligence: an fMRI Study”
  • Calvin Gruss (COL 2010) “Tagging genes of the fisson yeast with GFP for cell shape analysis through a confocal microscope”
  • Siong Goh (EAS 2008) “Characterizing small molecules that regulate gene expression through the SMN 3’UTR
  • Kelly Asao (COL 2008) “Morality Across Domains”
  • Savannah Hayes (COL 2008) “Up-Cycled Product Design”
  • Dan Jee (COL 2008) “Racial Stereotyping Examined through Eye Movement Behaviour”
  • Emily Behar (COL 2008) “Local Guatemalan Mothers’ Understandings of the “Evil Eye”“
  • Kyle Sirianno (COL 2009) “Quantifying Penn’s soil and runoff pollution in West Philadelphia”


  • Craig Bergman (COL 2007) “Association Between Primed Leadership Psychology and Third Party Punishment in Human Groups”
  • Courtney Darcy (COL 2007) “The media’s effect on implicit and explicit attitudes towards the body”
  • YinYin Yang (COL 2007) “Prospective Study of Panic Disorder during Pregnancy and Postpartum”
  • Deeptee Jain (COL 2009) “Tagging gene products with GFP in fission yeast for cell pattern analysis”
  • Jenny Jin (COL 2008) “Can siRNA Silencing of Caspase-3 Prevent Cytokine-induced Beta Cell Death?”
  • Grace Lee (COL 2008) “Leptin Reduces Feeding by Amplifying Stomach Distension Signals”
  • Peter Pantelis (COL 2007) “The effects of similarity on memory for name-face associations”
  • Ashish Bhumbla (COL 2008) “Identification of the Bcl-2 Proteins Located at the Mitochondria of Neuroblastoma Cell Lines”
  • Gabriel Crane (COL 2008) “The Mississippi Project: A Creative Exploration of the Mississippi River in Contemporary America”
  • Lucia DiNapoli (CGS 2009) “Citizen Advocacy Groups and the Use of Riparian Buffers in Urban/Suburban Areas Near the Cooper River”
  • Lilla Finta-Peterffy (CGS 2007) “Saving the Oligothrophic Mohos Marshes”
  • Kristin Gustafson (NURS 2007) “Impact of a Dance Program on West Philadelphia Middle School Students”
  • Katherine Fleming (COL 2007) “Doctors, Patients and Battered Women: A Comparison of Knowledge of and Perspectives on Resources”

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