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Using CURF’s Research Directory

To launch the directory, click the link above labeled “Connect to the Research Directory.” Click “New Search.” Enter all relevant data into the form. If you know the name of the professor with whom you wish to work, enter his or her last name into the Last Name field. To see all recent opportunities, enter the current year into the “year to list” field. Select the appropriate category, department, or any other variable.

Once you have filled out the search form to your liking, click “Submit Search” (very important—if you click “New Search” again, it will clear the form). If there are more than 25 results, use the binder-like icon in the left pane to navigate between pages of results. If you receive few results, broaden your search by limiting the number of search variables.

Faculty research projects are listed within five broad subject areas:

  • Biomedical Sciences
  • Business and Economics
  • Engineering and Computing
  • Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Physical and Theoretical Sciences

Social psychology projects are listed with social sciences; bio-psychology projects are listed with biomedical sciences. Projects are cross-listed when appropriate.

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