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Association of Alumnae Scholars Rosemary D. Mazzatenta Award

SPRING 2014 DEADLINE: March 7, 4:00pm


The Association of Alumnae of the University of Pennsylvania has established the Association of Alumnae Rosemary D. Mazzatenta Scholars Award in the School of Arts and Sciences to recognize and support female undergraduates for academic achievement and demonstrated service to country, community, and family during the summer after their sophomore or junior year in the College.

The award is intended to be used by the recipient for expenses incurred for a scholarly purpose related to her education, including but not limited to equipment, research, travel expenses, or other acceptable expenses related to an unpaid internship.

Use the Application Form to apply. Be prepared to upload and submit a single pdf containing the first three items below: your Statement of Purpose (with your full name and Penn ID#), Info Page, and Itemized Budget. Please submit one .pdf file. Docx, doc, png, jpg, htm, html, or any other non-.pdf format will be grounds for non-consideration of your application. Name your file with your PennKey name only (the alpha characters, not your PennID Number).

Your application will not be complete until CURF receives all materials listed below:

  1. A short Statement of Purpose (no more than 250 words) containing your name and Penn ID# describing the internship, including what you hope to gain from the experience
  2. A separate Info Page containing:
    • The name, address, phone number, email address, and website of the organization for which you will work
    • The name and title of your proposed internship supervisor
    • Your specific responsibilities during the internship
    • Details about when and how much you will work
  3. An Itemized Budget listing projected expenses related to the internship
  4. A brief Statement of Willingness from the individual who will be supervising you during the internship. This statement should confirm the individual’s and organization’s willingness to engage you and how you will assist the organization. Please ask that the statement be sent to CURF via the following link:
  5. Two letters of support attesting to your record of service to country, community, or family. These letters should not be from family or peers. Letters should be from individuals with whom you have worked as a volunteer, in community service, or in a previous internship. Please ask that the letters be sent to CURF via the following link:

Deadlines and Procedure for Application

Application Form

All materials, including the Statement of Willingness from the internship site supervisor and two additional recommendations, are due by 4:00 PM on March 7, 2014 (Applicants notified by April 27)

Applications will be evaluated by a faculty committee designated by CURF. Applications with late material risk being not considered.

Requirements and Procedures for Receiving Funding

Funds will not be disbursed until students review CURF’s information on Ethics and Compliance and complete and submit all necessary forms, including the Research Experience Checklist and Waiver of Liability. Students receiving funding must submit a completed Research Experience Checklist and Waiver of Liability.

Once the Research Experience Checklist and Waiver of Liability has been submitted to CURF and approved, students will be directed how to proceed to access funds.

Research involving animals or hazardous materials must also be submitted at the same time for approval by the relevant University oversight committees. Students should consult with their faculty research advisors to correctly submit any necessary forms.


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