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Current Students

All University Scholars are eligible to apply for research support, and any type of project will be considered.

UScholars Research Funding

We encourage you to discuss your project ideas with Harriet Joseph, Director, Center for Undergraduate Research and Fellowships, before submitting a proposal. To make an appointment with Dr. Joseph, please call 215-746-6488

Application and Selection Procedures

A funding application consists of:

  • Completed Research Application Form.
    • In the form you will be given the opportunity to upload a .pdf or .doc composed of your proposal and budget. For information on those required components, please see proposal guidelines.
  • Faculty sponsor’s letter.
    • Students should have a faculty sponsor for their project and request that person send a letter of support via this webform.

A majority of the funding committee members will need to approve a proposal in order for it to receive funding.

Applicants must be members in good standing of the University of Pennsylvania community

Deadlines and Time Frames

Summer funding proposals, budgets and supporting letters will be due by April 1st. Once complete, the proposal will go to the funding committee. The committee will review the proposal and ask for revisions as needed.

Project Conclusions

At the end of the funding period the student will coordinate with the CURF office to schedule a presentation to the University Scholars at a weekly lunch.


Harriet Joseph


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