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After the applicant’s folder is complete (application form, recommendations, statement, and transcript) it will be sent to a committee of at least four members of the University Scholars Council. Applicants will be interviewed by these Council members, whose goal will be to learn more about them and their work. The interview is not an interrogation, but rather an opportunity for students to elaborate upon their interests. After the interview, the committee will decide whether to recommend the student to the entire Council of University Scholars. Each recommended candidate will be voted upon formally. We will be happy to discuss this interview, and any other part of the process, with applicants beforehand.

Check list of what is needed:

  • Planning Meeting with Harriet Joseph
  • Prepare a single PDF file—the name of the file must be your PennKey, all lower case. The file must contain the following in this order: 1. your abstract (100 words max), 2. your Training Proposal (500 words maximum), 3. a copy of your PennInTouch transcript, and 4. your short bibliography. This file will be submitted with your online application.
  • Submit completed Application Form
  • Three Letters of Recommendation
  • Transcript
  • Interview

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