Penn Association of Senior and Emeritus Faculty

The mission of PASEF is to initiate, conduct and coordinate activities that encourage retired faculty members to continue to be active, contributing participants in the intellectual and social life of the University and to maintain connections among themselves and with their colleagues who are not retired. Such activities include organizing lectures, discussion groups, and social functions that provide fellowship and interaction among members and with the scholarly community on campus; familiarizing members, especially those planning retirement, with issues relating to retirement benefits and retired life; and promoting opportunities for members to render service to the University and its surrounding community.

Jack Nagel

Greetings from PASEF President Jack Nagel

Read his Fall 2014 message

PASEF Bylaws Revised

PASEF recently conducted a review and revision of our bylaws. The main goal was to address matters on which the bylaws and practice had diverged, either by re-affirming the previous bylaws or by changing them. The review was led by a Committee on Bylaws Revision, comprising Skip Rosoff (chair), Martin Pring, and Neville Strumpf. The Executive Committee discussed possible changes at several meetings before voting to approve revised bylaws. Notable decisions include the following:

  • PASEF’s governing body, formerly called the Executive Committee, is now called the Council.
  • The Council will no longer automatically include former Presidents, except for the immediate Past President. This decision upheld the old bylaws but departed from recent practice, which had been to include all former Presidents. Former Presidents will be welcome to attend Council meetings and contribute to deliberations, but they will not be voting members and will not count toward quorum requirements, except any who have been elected to new terms or appointed to chair committees.
  • Council will include all chairs of standing committees and also chairs of ad hoc committees during the periods when they are active.
  • The Steering Committee of Council will consist of the President, Past President, and President-elect, plus other members that these three invite to join them from time to time. This decision confirmed recent practice, but shrank the Steering Committee compared to provisions in the old bylaws.
  • Nominations and elections have been revised to enhance the potential role of Council, which now votes on the membership of the Nominating Committee and must approve the slate it proposes before a ballot is sent to the full membership for a vote. Also, any three members of Council may add nominees to the slate proposed by the Nominating Committee.
  • Any of three groups may propose amendments to the Bylaws: (a) ten or more PASEF members; (b) three or more Council members; or (c) a duly appointed ad hoc Council committee on bylaws. Adoption of proposed amendments will require a two-thirds vote of Council.

The full text of the revised bylaws may be found in the Bylaws section.

The previous bylaws have been archived.

Retirement in a Community - But Which One?

Choosing the right retirement community for you can represent a difficult and life-altering decision. We hope the information we have provided about communities in the Philadelphia region helps to narrow that choice. A recent article in the New York Times provides some useful insights into this challenging process.

New Summary of Information on Retirement Communities

Howard Goldfine, Jim Saunders and Heidi George have recently assembled a set of tables providing importantinformation for those considering the move to a retirement community. You can find this information by clicking on theRetirement Communities link under Spotlights in the right column of this web page or simply clicking here.

Report of the Lifelong Learning Commmittee

The Lifelong Learning Committee of PASEF, chaired by Anita Summers, has presented a proposal for Penn to the ViceProvost for the Faculty. After collecting detailed information on the programs of 15 universities, PASEF recommended aprogram using the skills of Penn's retired faculty to provide intellectually challenging courses in a variety ofsubjects, lengths, and formats, including online learning, to adults in the Philadelphia Metropolitan Area. Details ofthe proposal can be found under Spotlights in the right column of this page or simply byclicking here.

Coming Events

PASEF's Spring Outing in the Wissahickon Valley

Please join us on Tuesday, May 12, 2015 as we explore the challenges involved in maintaining an urban wilderness park in the Wissahickon section of Fairmount Park.

Our day begins at 10:00 a.m. with coffee or tea, juice, bagels, and danish in the historic Valley Green Inn. We will then board vans for a tour of Forbidden Drive narrated by Dr. Maura McCarthy, Executive Director of the Friends of the Wissahickon and PASEF's own Professor David Pope of SEAS. From time to time we will stop for those who wish to take short excursions on side trails. At noon we will return to Valley Green Inn for lunch and informal discussion.

To join us for an enlightening and eye-opening study of an often overlooked urban gem, please contact Heidi George at or 215-746-5972 for reservations and more information. The deadline for reservations is May 3, 2015. Guests are welcome. Cost: $25 per person includes meals and tour. Driving directions to the Valley Green Inn can found at Please let us know if you need a ride and we will try to arrange one.


"The Best Years of Their Lives: The Greatest Generation's Troubled Homecoming from World War II"

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

12:00-1:30 p.m.

Thomas Childers, PhD, History

Dr. Childers is the Sheldon and Lucy Hackney Professor of History at the University of Pennsylvania. His research and teaching specialty is modern German history and World War II. A prodigious author, he is also quite well known for his legendary and distinguished teaching career spanning two decades. Since 1997, Dr. Childers has received many of the highest honors for outstanding teaching awarded by the University of Pennsylvania.

The lecture will be held from 12:00-1:30 p.m. in the Hourglass Room in the University Club in the Inn at Penn. Lunch is available for a modest cost.

PASEF’s Annual “Road to Retirement” Series

Part II: Tuesday, April 21, from 3:30 to 5:00 p.m. in the Class of '55 Room on the second floor of the Van Pelt-Dietrich Library.

This session offers expert advice about the practical nuts-and-bolts aspects of the transition to retirement, such as phased retirement options, the Faculty Income Allowance Program (FIAP), pre-retirement sabbaticals, health and other benefits for eligible retirees and their families, emeritus status, and the rights and privileges of retired faculty. The speakers will be Hilary Lopez, Senior Benefits Specialist in the University's Human Resources office, and Victoria Mulhern, Executive Director of Faculty Affairs and Professional Development in the Perelman School of Medicine. (Hilary and Vicki also spoke in November at a similar session organized by PSOM's ASEF. That event was oriented primarily to Medical School faculty, while the April 21 program will be relevant to faculty from all schools--including Medicine, for those who missed the fall presentation.)

If you need further information, please don't hesitate to call Heidi George, the PASEF Coordinator, at 215-746-5972, or email her at

Thank you, and we hope you will join us if you want to start (or continue) thinking about your own road to retirement!

Road to Retirement Essays by Colleagues

PASEF has held “road to retirement” panel discussions over the past several years, and some of our colleague participants have written brief descriptions in which they describe their thoughts and steps in deciding to go emeritus, and then how life has been thereafter. Please click here to enjoy their insights and experience regarding the transition:

The Hitchhiker's Guide to Faculty Retirement

We are proud to announce the release of the Eighth Edition of the Hitchhiker's Guide to Faculty Retirement, ASEF's annually revised handbook highlighting the policy and process governing the transition from full-time faculty to emeritus.

Please refer to the official release notes for a review of the updates to this year's edition.


Do you have questions about health care, including bills?

We suggest that you contact Health Advocate,offered through the Penn Division of Human Resources (HR) to help Penn employees and their families resolve healthcare-related issues.

Check out their website.

Members of PASEF Council, 2014/2015

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Roger Allen

Name: Roger M.A. Allen
Dept: Near Eastern Languages & Civilizations
PASEF: Former President
Email | Phone: 215-898-6337 | View Profile

David P. Balamuth

Name: David P. Balamuth
Dept: Physics & Astronomy
PASEF: Rep. to Univ. Council on Benefits & Pensions
Email | Phone: 610-896-5846 | View Profile

 Janice Bellace

Name: Janice Bellace
Dept: Legal Studies and Business Ethics, Wharton
PASEF: At-large member of the Council
Email | Phone: 215-898-6820 | View Profile

 Peter Dodson

Name: Peter Dodson
Dept: School of Veterinary Medicine
PASEF: At-large member of the Council
Email | Phone: 215-898-8784 | View Profile

 Stephen Dunning

Name: Stephen Dunning
Dept: Religious Studies
PASEF: At-large member of the Council
Email | Phone: 610-644-5138 | View Profile

 Howard Goldfine

Name: Howard Goldfine
Dept: Microbiology, Medicine
PASEF: Chair, Retirement Communities Project, Program Committee
Email | Phone: 215-898-6384 | View Profile

 Lynn Hollen Lees

Name: Lynn Lees
Dept: History
PASEF: At-large member of the Council
Email | Phone: 215-898-8784 | View Profile

Rob Roy MacGregor

Name: Rob Roy MacGregor
Dept: Medicine
PASEF: Past President
Email | Phone: 215-662-3565 | View Profile

Mitch Marcus

Name: Mitchell Marcus
Dept: Computer and Information Science
PASEF: At-large member of the Council
Email | Phone: 215-898-2538 | View Profile

 Jeanne C. Myers

Name: Jeanne C. Myers
Dept: Biochemistry and Biophysics, Medicine
PASEF: President, ASEF
Email | Phone: 215-592-4096 | View Profile

Jack Nagel

Name: Jack H. Nagel
Dept: Political Science
PASEF: President
Email | Phone: 215-898-4255 | View Profile

David Pope

Name: David P. Pope
Dept: Materials Science
PASEF: At-Large Member of Council
Email | Phone: 215-898-9837 | View Profile

Gerald J. Porter

Name: Gerald J. Porter
Dept: Mathematics
PASEF: Former President
Email | Phone: 215-898-8467 | View Profile

Martin Pring

Name: Martin Pring
Dept: Physiology, Medicine
PASEF: Rep. to Senate Executive Committee
Email | Phone: 215-898-6870 | View Profile

Howard Rosenberg

Name: Howard M. Rosenberg
Dept: Pediatric Dentistry
PASEF: At-Large Member of Council
Email | Phone: 215-898-6555 | View Profile

Arnold Rosoff

Name: Arnold (Skip) J. Rosoff
Dept: Legal Studies and Business Ethics, Wharton
PASEF: At-Large Member of Council
Email | Phone: 215-898-7610 | View Profile

Vivian C. Seltzer

Name: Vivian C. Seltzer
Dept: Social Policy & Practice
PASEF: Former President
Email | Phone: 215-731-1101 | View Profile

Paul Shaman

Name: Paul Shaman
Dept: Statistics, Wharton
PASEF: At-large member of the Council
Email | Phone: 215-898-8749 | View Profile

Neville E. Strumpf

Name: Neville E. Strumpf
Dept: Nursing
PASEF: Former President
Email | Phone: 215-898-8802 | View Profile

Anita Summers

Name: Anita Summers
Dept: Public Policy and Management, Wharton
PASEF: President Elect
Email | Phone: 610-645-8660 | View Profile

Ross A. Webber

Name: Ross A. Webber
Dept: Management, Wharton
PASEF: Former President
Email | Phone: 856-216-8233 | View Profile


Heidi George

Name: Heidi George
PASEF: PASEF Coordinator
Phone: 215-746-5972

Council Meetings 2014-2015

Date Day
September 16, 2014 Tuesday
October, 15, 2014 Wednesday
November 18, 2014 Tuesday
December 10, 2014 Wednesday
January 21, 2015 Wednesday
February, 18, 2015 Wednesday
March 18, 2015 Wednesday
April 15, 2015 Wednesday
May, 20, 2015 Wednesday
June 17, 2015 Tuesday

All meetings are from 12:00 -1:30 p.m. in the LenapeRoom.

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