Penn Association of Senior and Emeritus Faculty

Greetings to all members of the Penn Association of Senior and Emeritus Faculty, particularly those of you who have just become automatic members on the basis of reaching the lofty and venerable age of 55.

The recent election of PASEF board members for the current 2013-14 academic year named me as President, Jack Nagel from Political Science as President-elect, Ross Webber from Wharton as Past-President, and Elsa Ramsden from Nursing as Secretary. The full list of board members and committee heads is displayed on the PASEF home page.

PASEF represents the interests of all senior and emeritus faculty from all schools of the University of Pennsylvania. It is modeled after the smaller and older similar organization of the medical school faculty, named ASEF, and this has caused some confusion among colleagues receiving communication from one or the other organization. Here's how it works: All university faculty automatically become members of PASEF on reaching their 55th birthday, including all med school faculty. This latter group automatically become members of BOTH groups on reaching 55, but ASEF pursues some activities that are unique to the medical school. In the last year, the two groups - PASEF and ASEF - have decided to co-sponsor some events such as the upcoming reception to honor recent emeriti, to be held October 30th at the Sweeten Center. So, you will be receiving notices throughout the year about various events sponsored by one organization or the other, to which all senior and emeritus faculty are invited, such as the monthly luncheon, Penn's 25 Year Club lecture on October 3rd, and others.

PASEF has an informative website that you are encouraged to consult: The website contains many useful items, such as the "Hitchhiker's Guide to Retirement" which is written and updated yearly by an independent faculty committee. The website also announces upcoming events, invites and publishes essays and stories from members, displays brief biographies of recent emeriti, and archives other materials such as obituaries of recently deceased faculty. Please watch for Ross Webber's excellent "Annual Report for 2012-13" (coming soon), the first such report to be created by a PASEF President. It outlines PASEF's many activities during the past year, which I think is a testimony to Ross' excellent leadership.

The Executive Committee is planning a busy schedule for this new academic year. We will continue the popular monthly luncheon lecture series, held at the University Club, as well as two "Road to Retirement" sessions which inform colleagues about the steps involved in making the transition to emeritus status. We will also organize trips and events in the Philadelphia area, announce opportunities for volunteer work at the University and in the community, and we are working to keep our website up-to-date and informative. I suggest that you check it every few weeks to see what's new.

Upcoming events include:

Please contact any of us with questions, suggestions, and ideas for new PASEF endeavors. We are here to serve the Senior & Emeritus Faculty.

Rob Roy MacGregor, MD
President, PASEF