Association of Senior and Emeritus Faculty

A PASEF sponsored talk will be held at 3:30 P.M. on Monday, 24 November, 2008. Location: Houston Hall, Second Floor.

Ms. Lauren Steinfeld, Chief Privacy Officer of the University of Pennsylvania, will present the topic:

Privacy Today: Current Risks and Opportunities

Ms. Steinfeld works on privacy issues involving medical information, student records, electronic data, Social Security numbers, and other personal information. Prior to joining Penn, Ms. Steinfeld worked at the Office of Management and Budget as the Associate Chief Counselor for Privacy. At OMB, Ms. Steinfeld helped the Clinton administration develop medical privacy regulations.


Ms. Steinfeld will discuss what are today's chief privacy and security problems and what every person can do about them. She will cover computer-related threats, such as the increased sophistication of "phishing" scams, as well as daily off-line behavior that creates privacy risks. She will discuss behavior that maximizes the chance of keeping personal information protected.

PASEF talks are organized by Nick Kefalides (Infectious Diseases, School of Medicine) and Henry Teune (Political Science).

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