PASEF Luncheon - RESCHEDULED - March 3, 2011

Gino Segre, Professor of Physics, will present the topic "Faust in Copenhagen - A 1932 Meeting at Niels Bohr's Institute for Theoretical Physics."

It is appropriate that the series starts with Gino Segre. He is a world renowned theoretical physicist whose historical account of the development of quantum mechanics and the birth of nuclear physics has been widely acclaimed. In it, Dr. Segre writes, "In their pursuit of knowledge they (the scientists) had uncovered a truth with implicit powers for both good and evil." His book foreshadows the first atomic bomb explosion, a time when these same scientists would know they were in the midst of one of the great Faustian bargains.

The luncheon was on Thursday, March 3, 2011 in the Hourglass Room of the University Club. More information.